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• The results of a new study have revealed that women who have faced worplace sexual harassment often leave their organisation due to their inability to bring about a positive solution to the situation. The results of a new study have revealed that women who have faced worplace sexual harassment often leave their organisation due to their inability to bring about a positive solution to the situation. Conducted by research student Chana Levi and Prof. Eran Vigoda-Gadot, the study Read More »


236962-51620-1 Stuck for ideas to start a romantic conversation? Here are some romantic conversation starters…

Although most of the couples claim that they never run out of romantic topics to talk about, there is a stage in every relationship where you need a bit of help either to get the relationship kick-started or to rekindle the old flame.

Romantic Conversation Starters – To Get the Relationship Kick-Started

Compliment and Appreciate Each Other: Telling your date how beautiful you find her/how adorable you find him, might be a great way to get the romantic conversation started. There are a lot of compliments that girls as well as guys like to hear; you just have to know the right things to say to him/her. Telling a girl how you admire her beautiful tresses or how mesmerizing her eyes are will make a girl feel very special and kick-start a romantic conversation. If you are planning to compliment a guy – you can compliment him about his great sense of humor, his dressing sense or even his (ahem) intellectual abilities. You can always start a romantic conversation using some romantic things to say to your girlfriend or sweet things to say to your boyfriend. Read More »

237165-31621-7 Does he have a crush on you or is he just being friendly? This article will help you know if a guy has a crush on you…

He was not very outgoing, in fact we hardly ever spoke while we went to high school together… He once helped me get some books in the library when I struggled to reach the top shelf. I often saw him hanging around the tennis court where I practiced every evening. Once when he was my lab-partner during chemistry experiments, he tried to ask me something, which I could barely hear… He was so embarrassed, he hardly looked at me after that. On some days he would follow me all the way home on his bicycle until I looked back. I just thought he was an odd kid, until the prom night when he asked me to go with him. That night when he walked me home and kissed goodnight, he told me he had a huge crush on me, ever since he could remember… I’ll never forget that day… it was a beautiful feeling…

How to Know if a Guy has a Crush on You Read More »

Sometimes you might suspect that your girlfriend is not loyal to you. But how will you come to know that your girlfriend is cheating on you? Here are some signs of a cheating girlfriend.

It may be quite embarrassing situation, when you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you. You may get very disappointed. It is particularly shocking to you, if you are serious about your relationships. But how will you come to know that your girlfriend is really cheating on you? There are certain signs of a cheating girlfriend, which reveal unfaithfulness of your girlfriend.

Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend Read More »

236038-17615-33Do you sometimes wish to go back to your ex lover? Do you want to know whether he still loves you or not? If yes, then read this article to know the signs your ex still loves you.

Love is that miracle which binds thousands of souls into one. Sometimes it becomes very strange. We fall in love unknowingly, the relationship grows and suddenly it breaks for some unavoidable reasons. Then the night becomes horrible. However, true love always remains the same even after a breakup. Does the memory of your ex lover still disturbs you? Do you often regret for the break-up? Don’t worry. Take your time. If you have strong feelings for him and wish him back in your life, then you need to be aware of the signs that show your ex still loves you. Given below are some signs that will help you by giving some insight into whether he is expecting a reunion or not. Read More »

236932-30320-17Looking for some sweet good night text messages? This might help you…

As Cathy sat by the bedside window, gazing at the stars and thinking about David, and their beautiful date that had just made her day… His mesmerizing eyes, his jet black hair and the way he spoke to her – she knew it was love… She stared at the sky and dreamt of beautiful things, a beautiful world with him and her… It was only when her mobile phone rang that she was brought back to reality… She checked her cell phone, it was not a phone call, it was a text message. Good Night Sweetheart – it read. A message so simple yet so warm that she just couldn’t stop smiling. The following day she couldn’t remember when she fell asleep – but she woke up with the biggest smile! Read More »

237120-56021-0 Planning to pop the question to your sweetheart? Here are some romantic proposal ideas for you…
Pretty woman Julia Roberts might have got the most romantic proposal as her prince charming climbed up the fire escape to rescue her – just the way she wanted! A proposal is one of the most cherished moments in a relationship. Not everyone might be as lucky as Julia Roberts, but then there are ways to make a proposal truly unique and romantic. Here are some romantic proposal ideas to create the most memorable proposal – take your pick!

Moonlight Boat Ride

What better way to propose than to be with your loved one, under the starry skies as you row your boat in a serene lake? A moonlight boat ride proposal is the ultimate proposal ideas for people who are looking for a truly fairytale-like mushy proposal. There are a number of canoe and rafting resorts that offer special moonlight rides for couples. Make sure you plan the thing in advance to surprise your sweetheart. Just as you are in the middle of your ride, simply stop the boat and get down on your knees to propose your love – romantic, isn’t it? Read More »

237338-21122-22Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.” – Anonymous

Relationship break ups are probably the last thing one thinks about when in love. Love gives us that initial feeling of euphoria and this is the time when almost everything seems perfect. Unfortunately, when reality sinks in, the truth may seem more than just bitter. A healthy relationship happens when both the partners know how to complement each other in every possible way. Break ups happen when this balance is lost! Sometimes, one may even break a relationship on an impulse. What does one do in such a case? Endless hours spent in remorse will not help you in this situation. You cry, you lament, you blame the world… but the truth is you have lost the love of your life. However, not all is lost if you Read More »

• Taking his cue from Magnum PI and Marty Whelan, Joe O’Shea is cultivating his face fuzz — but it’s all for a men’s health charity

When somebody asks you to spend an entire month cultivating a moustache, they had better have a very good reason.

Despite the best efforts of trendsetters like Willie O’Dea and Marty Whelan, face fuzz in general, and ‘taches in particular, remain an acquired taste in this country. Read More »

how-to-tell-if-a-guy-is-attracted-to-you• How to know if a guy is attracted to you? Does his smile say something more? Here are some signs that reveal a guy is attracted to you!

When cupid strikes, we all know that heady feeling! Love can make us see stars in the day and keep us awake all night long! Well, the nights are often sleepless especially when you are unsure if the guy is interested in you or not! Well, somehow I hate this ‘maybe yes’, ‘maybe no’ kind of situation. While some guys resort to the ‘just friends’ tag, there are few who only indicate an interest in you without a clear motive! Girls, this is just the beginning of the roller coaster ride. If you have often thought how to tell if a guy is attracted to you, let me tell you one thing, there is no perfect guideline to this. Besides, even if he is attracted, true love is a completely different issue. For those who are curious to know whether that cute guy at the café corner is attracted you, then maybe you can jot down some points mentioned below! Read More »

he-cheated• Admit it. Right after the shock of finding out that John Edwards had betrayed his wife with another woman, your first thought was, “Would I take my guy back if he did that?” …

Admit it. Right after the shock of finding out that John Edwards had betrayed his wife with another woman, your first thought was, “Would I take my guy back if he did that?” While your knee-jerk reaction is probably to send him packing, experts say there are some situations in which he just might deserve a second chance. Read on to find out when to forgive and forget, and when you should just forget him.
Right Before a Major Transition Read More »

• Before you sit down with your squeeze and utter “Honey, we have to…”, read over our tips for making The Talk mutually beneficial rather than terrifying.
You can charm the pants off anyone with your finely honed sugar lips and defuse most potentially deadly showdowns with your razor-sharp wit. Still, somehow, when it comes time to initiate the relationship conversation, none of that makes a damn difference. You’re left tongue-tied and nerve-racked. That’s because that couple-status report inevitably puts you in the clichéd nagging-woman-pointing-at-her-stopwatch position — and him on the utmost defensive. Someone is bound to get Read More »

• Do you think girls are complicated beings? Not really! Here are some suggestions about things girls like to hear that would reveal a lot about what women really want!
“It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away”. When Boyzone won the hearts of million girls with their song ‘Words’, they definitely knew what women want! Read More »

• We desperately want what we cannot have, but we look down on what we can’t get rid of. We long for the inaccessible, but too often we despise what is within our grasp. How exactly do all these apply to a relationship? Is there such thing as true love? Or is it just a dream? Read More »

• Want to tell your boyfriend how much you love him? Here are some special things to do for your boyfriend…
The busy working weeks hardly give you time to take a break and appreciate the loved ones in your life. Once in a while everyone likes to be pampered and celebrated, without any special occasion. If you love your boyfriend and want to take the time and effort to let him know what he means to you, here are a few special things to do for your boyfriend. Use these ideas and add your own elements to make sure you plan the perfect treat for your guy! Read More »

• Widespread guidelines recommend avoiding the food in pregnancy, infancy

The researchers analyzed the prevalence of peanut allergy and diet histories for 5,171 Jewish children from the UK and 5,615 Jewish children from Israel.

They found that children from the UK had a prevalence of peanut allergy that was 10-fold higher than that of children from Israel — 1.85 percent versus 0.17 percent. Read More »

• Women who suffer regular migraines may have the comfort of knowing they face a much lower risk of breast cancer, say US researchers. The discovery points to the potential importance of hormone levels in both.

source: BBC

The study of 3,412 women suggests a 30% lower risk for people with a history of disabling headaches. Read More »

• Today’s ‘other woman’ isn’t a vamp, she’s not desperate, and she has no qualms about poaching what’s yours

For two years, Dina* and Brandon, both thirtysomething account execs at a Chicago marketing firm, were work buddies. They sat together through snore-­inducing meetings, bounced client ideas off each other, had lunch together in the cafeteria several days a week, clinked countless martinis after long work nights, even swapped stories about their love lives. Dina had been in and out of a few relationships–some of them “really good ones,” she says. And Brandon, outside of a few Read More »

• At some point in your single life, the usual skirt-chasing stomping grounds — bars, parties, the gym — start to lose their luster. But don’t worry, these locations represent only a fraction of the places you can encounter amazing women.
And really, you should be on the lookout for love everywhere you go. “Dating is a numbers game,” explains April Masini, author of Date Out of Your League and creator of “The more opportunities you give yourself to meet women — in places you hadn’t thought of before — the greater your chances of success.” With that in mind, here are 10 unusual spots where you just might run into the girl of your dreams. Be prepared. Read More »

• And what does it mean if a guy checks out other ladies in front of his wife?
What do men really want, both in bed and in their emotional relationships with their mates? And if a married man ogles other women in front of his wife, what does it really mean? Got a question? E-mail us.

Q: Can you tell me how long good sex should last?

Q: How do men like to be treated in love and sex?

A: Answering this pair of reader questions is a little like trying to explain who was better, Mozart or Muddy Waters. There’s no right answer.

Ideally, good sex lasts a lifetime, but I don’t think that’s what the reader means. She probably means “how long should good sex last each time you do it?” to which experts we consult about such things always say the same thing: long enough. Read More »