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237165-31621-7 Does he have a crush on you or is he just being friendly? This article will help you know if a guy has a crush on you…

He was not very outgoing, in fact we hardly ever spoke while we went to high school together… He once helped me get some books in the library when I struggled to reach the top shelf. I often saw him hanging around the tennis court where I practiced every evening. Once when he was my lab-partner during chemistry experiments, he tried to ask me something, which I could barely hear… He was so embarrassed, he hardly looked at me after that. On some days he would follow me all the way home on his bicycle until I looked back. I just thought he was an odd kid, until the prom night when he asked me to go with him. That night when he walked me home and kissed goodnight, he told me he had a huge crush on me, ever since he could remember… I’ll never forget that day… it was a beautiful feeling…

How to Know if a Guy has a Crush on You

The shy smiles, staring at your crush, being teased by your friends, butterflies in the stomach, endless hours of daydreaming – the memories of your first crush are difficult to capture in words. Most of the times having a crush is referred to describe the adolescent love or puppy love. There are number of ways to find out whether a guy likes you or signs that a girl likes you. It is a beautiful feeling to have someone be genuinely interested in you. If you have a guy in school or in your neighborhood, you think has a crush on you, this article will help you to know whether the guy really has a crush on you…

Is he always around or do you keep bumping into him everywhere you go?

If a guy has a crush on you, he will try and think of all the possible ways to be around you and make sure you spot him almost everywhere you go. He’ll probably take the same classes as you so that you guys can be around during the classes. He will probably be in the library sitting somewhere close by. You also might see him regularly during lunch – most of the times he seems to sit with you or somewhere close by. There might be a chance that you might bump into your own neighborhood, or at the coffee shop or eatery, which you frequent regularly.

Does he go out of his way to help you?

When a guy has a crush on you, he will obviously care a lot about you. He might offer to help you with your math problems that you’ve been struggling for the past week. He might volunteer to teach you basketball or any other sport that he is good at. He might offer to walk you home from school when it gets late. He might pick up your bicycle if you ever fall down and make sure you are okay. If he looks at you carrying a pile of books or something heavy, he’d be the first one to offer help.

Does he compliment you or praise you very often?

When a guy has a crush on you, he will like every single thing about you. He might compliment you quite often telling you how great your personality is, or how he loves your outfit, or thinks you are looking stunning. He might even tell you your science project was the best of the lot, when you yourself know it wasn’t. Compliments are simple affectionate gestures, which help you to know that a person genuinely adores you.

While in conversation, does he seem interested in things that you are talking about?

A guy, who has a crush on you, will listen to you very closely, while in conversation. He will be an engrossed listener when you are talking about things that you like or things that you hate or even about the silly things that you do. He might want to know about your long-term goals and your ideas about your future plans. So if he is taking a keen interest in everything that you have to say – he might be genuinely interested in you!

Does he hug you, smile at you, hold your hand very often?

Body language is one of the most important elements, which will help you analyze the whole situation. He might stare at you and smile at you very often. He might hold your hand while crossing the road or might flip your hair or find some other cute way to greet you. There are several body language cues, which are signs of male attraction. His body language will usually say a lot about what he feels for you. The way he looks at you or faces you while talking or simple holds your hand at times can be ways to know what he’s thinking about you.

Do his friends seem to know a lot about you?

Usually if a guy has a crush on you, it is most likely that he keeps discussing about you with his friends. So it is not very surprising if his friends seem to know about the little things that you keep mentioning in your conversations with the guy. His friends might even tease him a bit when you are around and if you find him blushing at the mention of your name, it is definitely a sign that the guy has a major crush on you…

Does he sound like he genuinely cares for you?

Does he seem to be worried when you are not keeping well or feeling ill? Does he often help you to cheer up when you are upset about something? Does he try to make faces, tell jokes or entertain you in any possible way when you are feeling bored or feeling depressed about something? Well if the guy has a crush on you, he will obviously care for you and want you to be happy and cheerful.

Does he seem jealous when you tend to spend more time with another guy?

If a guy has a crush on you, the last thing he wants is some other guy spending more time with you. Most probably if the guy seems protective about you and tends to express discontent over you spending more time with some other guy – it is likely he has a huge crush on you and is very much interested in you.

Does he ask you to go with him on prom nights or a regular Saturday night?

One of the things that a guy will do if he has a crush on you is make sure he asks you out before prom night or for a simple Saturday night date. This is a huge sign that the guy has feelings for you. A prom night or a weekend date is supposed to be for people who like each other and hence asking you out for the same, implies that the guy is genuinely interested.

These are just some generalized ideas, which might help you figure out whether a guy really has a crush on you. There are also some signs to know your crush likes you. In case you just can’t figure it out using these things, the best thing would be to communicate with that guy and ask him to avoid the mind-games.


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