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236962-51620-1 Stuck for ideas to start a romantic conversation? Here are some romantic conversation starters…

Although most of the couples claim that they never run out of romantic topics to talk about, there is a stage in every relationship where you need a bit of help either to get the relationship kick-started or to rekindle the old flame.

Romantic Conversation Starters – To Get the Relationship Kick-Started

Compliment and Appreciate Each Other: Telling your date how beautiful you find her/how adorable you find him, might be a great way to get the romantic conversation started. There are a lot of compliments that girls as well as guys like to hear; you just have to know the right things to say to him/her. Telling a girl how you admire her beautiful tresses or how mesmerizing her eyes are will make a girl feel very special and kick-start a romantic conversation. If you are planning to compliment a guy – you can compliment him about his great sense of humor, his dressing sense or even his (ahem) intellectual abilities. You can always start a romantic conversation using some romantic things to say to your girlfriend or sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

Dreams and Desires: The best way to start an intimate conversation is to get talking about the deepest desires and dreams. Often, when people start talking about each other’s dreams and desires, they get to know each other really well, which is like the first step towards a long-term romantic relationship. Just ask your date about his/her biggest dream in life or questions like, three wishes he/she would want from a genie. There are a large number of fun questions to get to know someone, which will help you start amusing conversations between the two of you. Women, as well as men, tend to share their dreams and desires only with people who are extremely close to them.

Romantic Conversation Starters – To Rekindle the Flame

Sharing Memories: Talking about fond memories is a great way to start a romantic conversation for couples who want to rekindle their romance. When there is a lot of history, there a lot of memories to look back and enjoy together. Simply pull out some old pictures and start to talk about a particular trip that you both enjoyed or your first date or your first camping trip together. Reminiscing about the old times will help you realize how much you guys have in common and help you cherish the wonderful memories you share.

Bringing Innovation: So you’ve been together for quite a while and think you know each other completely! Well, sometimes you tend to miss out things which are never discussed and which might not seem important. Try discussing things that you haven’t spoken about. If you are looking for ways to start a romantic conversation and spruce up your relationship, you might want to try topics that you’ve never discussed before. Think of topics that are out-of-the-box or just plain wacky to get your romantic conversation started. There are also a lot of romantic questionnaires or compatibility tests, or tests that need not necessarily be taken seriously, but can be fun ways to start a romantic conversation.

Romance in a relationship can make life seem special and lively. There are a number of romantic tips that people will have to offer, but there can never be one-size-fits-all formula for romance. Each relationship is unique in its own special way. You need to value your differences and grow together.


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