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236038-17615-33Do you sometimes wish to go back to your ex lover? Do you want to know whether he still loves you or not? If yes, then read this article to know the signs your ex still loves you.

Love is that miracle which binds thousands of souls into one. Sometimes it becomes very strange. We fall in love unknowingly, the relationship grows and suddenly it breaks for some unavoidable reasons. Then the night becomes horrible. However, true love always remains the same even after a breakup. Does the memory of your ex lover still disturbs you? Do you often regret for the break-up? Don’t worry. Take your time. If you have strong feelings for him and wish him back in your life, then you need to be aware of the signs that show your ex still loves you. Given below are some signs that will help you by giving some insight into whether he is expecting a reunion or not.

In most cases, once the relationship ends people move into two different directions. However, if your ex is showing genuine interest and concern over you, then surely he still cares for you. Experts have done research to help you out from this confusion whether your ex still loves you or not. According to them non-verbal communication such as eye-contact, body language and other gestures play a vital role here.

Non-verbal communication: If your ex boyfriend still looks at you continuously, then surely he still loves you. As long as you and your ex keep eye contact, the chances of a reunion increase. If he stands close to you and shows interest in you, then definitely your ex still loves you.

Sticking around for you: Whenever you are crossing him or about to cross does he wait a bit for you? If yes, then he might have love for you or still thinks about you.

Meeting up together: If he meets you casually and you both are not feeling uncomfortable, then it will be a good sign which indicates both of you are still care for and love each other.

If he apologizes: Suppose your breakup occurred because of your ex lover’s wrong-doing. In such condition, if he feels sorry for the wrong he has done and wishes to make things right again, then, definitely he still loves you.

Other signs: If your ex still talks about you and asks about you, and is always eager to know about you, then it seems that he still has feelings for you. If your ex still sends mails, phone messages or calls you once in a month, then be sure that he wants to be in your contact and thinks about you.

You love him and have shared some beautiful moments with him. Thus, you are the better judge and can understand his feelings that are reflected through the signs mentioned above. Your intensity and deepness of love for him will help you to read his mind and understand the signs that he often conveys through his gestures.


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