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• Do you think girls are complicated beings? Not really! Here are some suggestions about things girls like to hear that would reveal a lot about what women really want!
“It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away”. When Boyzone won the hearts of million girls with their song ‘Words’, they definitely knew what women want!

So, what’s the perfect recipe for a loving relationship? Well, loads of love and care is obviously the main ingredient but what women want may be a little different from the way men perceive things. Some girls adore mush where as some prefer it to be subtle! However, there are common things every girl would like to hear…but here’s a word of warning! You overdo it and you would be ruining the whole recipe of love! Mix the ingredients carefully and you are sure to win her heart and confidence. With women, saying the right thing at the right time is necessary! You can’t barge into her life and tell her she is sexy in the first meeting itself! Men…have patience! Let’s take a look at things girls like to hear!

Things Girls like to Hear:
Compliments, compliments and loads of compliments! Subtle compliments in the initial stages of dating would help you score brownie points. Appreciate her for every little thing she does. (It could be a dish she has cooked which may not really taste fantastic!) Compliment her for her dressing and be genuine when you say it. If you share a close relationship with her, you can even let your compliments be on the sensual side. Whatever it is, express what you feel and see the difference!

Well, every girl would like to hear ‘I love you’ whispered gently into ear! If you love her, say it. But ensure you don’t keep saying it all throughout the day till she turns a deaf ear. Pick your situation; it could be a romantic walk by the beachside or a candlelit dinner.

Tell her what she means to you. You may know it and so would she, but words are important and nothing could be better than being vocal about it! Say ‘You complete me’ or ‘You mean the world to me’ and watch the smile light up her face. A simple sentence with a whole lot of depth is something any girl would definitely like to hear.

If you love her and wish to take the plunge then you can simply say ‘I want to be yours forever and ever’ or ‘Would you be mine forever?’ is bound to floor her!

If you feel she is beautiful, just go ahead and say it! Complimenting her about her physical beauty is also important apart from praising her inner beauty. Begin with subtle admiring comments and if you share a close relation with her, you can feel free to express what you wish to say. If she has great long locks, praise them! You love her eyes, go ahead and say it!

Every girl would love being appreciated and if she always goes out of her way for every little thing for you, then you need to tell her you appreciate it a whole lot. It may seem to be a very simple line, but trust me; it would go a long way!

And if this girl is really so very important, you need to simply say, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’! There should be nothing stopping you then! Best of luck!



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