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Sometimes you might suspect that your girlfriend is not loyal to you. But how will you come to know that your girlfriend is cheating on you? Here are some signs of a cheating girlfriend.

It may be quite embarrassing situation, when you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you. You may get very disappointed. It is particularly shocking to you, if you are serious about your relationships. But how will you come to know that your girlfriend is really cheating on you? There are certain signs of a cheating girlfriend, which reveal unfaithfulness of your girlfriend.

Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

When you suspect that your girlfriend is cheating on you, then it may be difficult for you to deal with the situation. But don’t immediately get panicky. First make sure that your girlfriend is really cheating on you, or it’s your misunderstanding. There are certain signs that point to your girlfriend’s infidelity.

  • The first sign that your girlfriend is cheating is her sudden preoccupation with appearance. She becomes attentive about how she looks or smells. She may change her hairstyle, style of clothing or perfume. You might notice that your girlfriend is changing from conservative to more provocative.
  • You will notice the decreased intimacy. An emotional attachment between you and your girlfriend is reduced. Your girlfriend might deny holding your hand in public. It may be a proof of her emotional relation with another man.
  • Her interest in the activities that you had enjoyed together previously can be seen to be reduced. You might notice a series of unexplained cancellations of plans.
  • There may be less communication between you. Your girlfriend may tend to avoid talking with you. She may not be ready to spend much time with you.
  • Your girlfriend might be spending a lot of money, because people who cheat always meet at hotels or restaurants. She may not be able to account for the expenses.
  • You will notice that your girlfriend needs privacy, especially regarding her cell phone. She may avoid answering the phone when you are nearby. She may go to another room to attend the call. Getting the calls at odd hours can be important sign of cheating.
  • You will experience that your girlfriend’s behavior is suddenly changed. She starts criticizing you and gets angry at the things that never used to bother her before. She may be trying to emphasize your faults in order to justify her faithlessness.
  • Your girlfriend may encourage you to spend more time with your friends or to go alone on a trip or to a movie. She may start a new hobby or may talk about the movies that you had never seen together.
  • You will notice that your girlfriend has become very possessive about her mobile phone or laptop. There may be some private data or messages in it. She may have registered a new email address.
  • You may notice that some of your mutual friends start acting strangely when they are with you. Your friends might know about your girlfriend’s cheating. Hence, they may feel uncomfortable with you.

When you notice these signs of cheating girlfriend, go for further investigations. Don’t panic and don’t go for relationship breakup. Try to find out the reasons for this situation. Once you come to know about the reasons, you will be able to handle this problem.


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