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• Most relationships today have very little to do with love and everything to do with the rules of a sexy game that almost everyone participates in to one degree or another.
Falling in love isn’t what it used to be. Rather than looking for mutual trusting relationships, young men and women today play a sexy game to win all the satisfaction they can and envy of all around them.

In fact, there isn’t a lot of love involved at all. Why do you think marriages so often fail? In today’s sexy game the biggest relationship faux pas is to show you are more romantically interested in another person than they are in you. That naive mistake is what sets people up for heart ache and drives them, ironically, even deeper into the sexy game.

In the sexy game most young people play today, the goal is to get what you want and make sure everyone else sees how successful you are. The tools of the sexy game are manipulation and deception.

What men want is physical satisfaction and freedom. Women know what men want. So women get really good at using their physical assets and they know how to make men think they have freedom. Women use these tools to get what they want in the sexy game.

What women want is money and control. Men know what women want. So they position themselves to provide the steadiest supply of money and give women the illusion of control to maximize their ROI.

Men and women who are adept at the sexy game know that their partners are trying to manipulate them and know how they are trying to do it. A man’s desire for freedom is in direct opposition to a woman’s desire for control. It is very important for both sides in the sexy game to believe they are winning the manipulation war – that they are getting more value than they are giving. So men play dumb and needy and regulate the money supply. Women play up their emotions and regulate physical affection. They use these tactics to make the other think he or she is in jeopardy of losing the source of his or her satisfaction. This ongoing struggle is the basis of the sexy game.

Another important part of the sexy game is optimizing the number of partners you are manipulating without making it obvious that’s what you are doing. Failure to keep this a secret from one of your partners can often be a relationship breaker that will domino to other partners. Vagueness in the level of your relationships is important in the sexy game. Even if you are openly dating one partner, it is possible to maintain other undefined relationships in close proximity. Both men and women engage in this practice. Common euphemisms for it include “innocent flirting” and “keeping one’s options open.”

A skilled sexy game player can maintain several undefined relationships, continually making his or her undefined partners think the relationship is on the verge of moving to the next level.

Although most play in the sexy game is done within “romantic” relationships. The score of the game is determined in comparison to peers. Both men and women report their feats of sexy game play to roommates, friends, siblings, etc. and this is where their success is judged. This is the part of the sexy game where kissing and telling is appropriate.

Men and women differ in how they go about it. It is most common for a man to describe in detail his physical exploits and the thoughtlessness with which he asserts his freedom in the face of the woman’s desire for control in conversations involving three or more males. “Fish stories” and even out right lies are common here. If a man tells a story another man believes to be false, the doubter may go to great lengths to expose the lie and destroy the relationship in question all, of course, in an effort to improve his own standing in the sexy game.

Women generally find showing more effective than telling to report their sexy game exploits. Money spent on a woman is easy for her to show off to other women. Jewelry, flowers, tickets to plays are all excellent trophies. Women magnify the importance of the gifts and brandish their control in relationships by feigning confusion about what to do about men who are obviously more interested in her than she is in them. Only when desperate do women try to fake gifts, like sending flowers to themselves. If caught in this practice, it is very difficult to rebuild one’s standing in the sexy game.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of the rules of the sexy game. You may prefer not to acknowledge you are participating in the sexy game and simply apply the principles to your relationships. That’s ok. The most important rule of the sexy game is to appear to everyone else to be completely ignorant of it.

About the Author: Mat Moniker is a writer for Innuity and a student of relationship building. For tools to aid you in your play of the sexy game, go to Intimate Collections.



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