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• Are you a nervous wreck on your date tonight! Here’s how not to be one…

The date’s gone well, and now it’s almost over. Of course you’ve been through your first date and successfully so. But you haven’t attempted kissing all this time. Although no one can really get to teach you how to kiss; here are some tips on the “how and when” of the kissing scene.

“How to’s” on kissing

* Look for positive body language, such as eye contact, uncrossed arms and head tilted toward you. Your first impressions on these would prove to be valuable and fruitful to get you going.

* Don’t think too much, Just do it. Waiting just makes the moment awkward. Its possible that your partner too is thinking of letting you make the first move as you may be.

* Maintain eye contact all throughout and as you close in. Try not to close your eyes until after making lip contact. This not only helps you observe the intimacy of the kiss, but the expressions give you an exact picture of her mind.

* Tilt your head slightly to one side to avoid bumping noses. This is very important. I know of a friend who forgot this and landed in a huge knockout. To make things worse, they both forgot that they had braces on, to help their protruding teeth!

* Press your lips gently against your date’s. Try not to suck his or her breath away just yet. Chances are that you’ll probably get your chance to go beyond this. If you are patient, that sometime may just be your lucky day today!

* Release. If this sounds moiré like you are looking into an instructional Yoga manual, well, then believe it or not, some men and women need to be told this! Look into your date’s eyes. If he or she isn’t looking back at you the same way, then you probably shouldn’t continue. Like I said earlier, its all in the eyes!

* Kiss your date again. There’s more flexibility to this kiss. You’ll be more relaxed and more enthusiastic to indulge now than you did before!

* Explore – softly kiss your date’s neck, ears and eyelashes. You could also explore with her ears too, as that’s a woman’s passion point. And by this time, you’ll have a better feel for how and where to kiss your date.

A few more pointers in this direction:

* Despite what has been shown only in the movies, when it actually comes to doing it, its best to keep the kissing as simple as possible. A soft touch calms your date, especially if this kiss is the first one.

* Don’t rush in and then explain. If you’re the adventurous kind, well, leave it out for later, you might just scare her away!

* Try putting your hand on their back (if you are a woman) or on their cheek (if you are a guy). This will make them fell more at ease in an awkward situation. Ruffling your fingers through each other’s hair also calms and soothes the effect of kissing!

* Women and men react differently to kissing. So if you are a man, remember your kissing will not only make her feel loved, it would also open up all her pent-up emotions and feelings she had for you. And if you don’t kiss her right, instead expect something more (as most guys do!) then you’ll be sure that she’ll detect it and push you away. Women love to be loved.

Kissing is one of the ways you can express your love. And men love to kiss because it satiates their energies, making them prepared for something more than just a touch of the lips. All and all kiss and make up!



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